This is United

In our everyday working life, long-term strategies live side-by-side packaging design, customer newsletters, annual financial reports and catalogues.
The end results reach people all over the world and we work just as willingly with people and companies from Småland as we do with Australians, Chinese and Americans.

Would you like to know more about us? Just drop by! Our breakfast table is set every day at 9 o’clock. Give us a call first, so that you can have your breakfast egg just the way you like it.

About united

On the 1st February 1997 we started United with the strong belief that it is possible to carry out good marketing in a straightforward, simple and honest way. And we try to practise what we preach, by always supplying straightforward information, fixed prices and by delivering what we promise. A simple way of carrying on, we think. A simple way of getting things done, according to our clients.